• Learning to Read Hebrew & Falling in Love with Hebrew (10 week course)

• Journey to Judaism (25 week course)

• Bar-/Bat-Mitzvah at Any Age (20-50 week course)

• Family Learning: Sensory Judaism 

• Sensual Judaism: A Tour (18 classes)

• Jewish Festivals: A Calendar for the Collective Unconscious (20 classes)

• Bridges to the Infinite: Jewish Prayer as Soul Yoga: Levels I & II (18 classes)  

• Personal Mikvah (Healing, Renewal, Bridal Mikvah, Relationship Transition, Coming Out, Becoming Jewish, and more)

• Bris & Baby Naming

• Bar-Mitzvah / Bat-Mitzvah

• Wedding, Commitment Ceremonies

• Get (Divorce) Release Ceremonies

• Funeral & Shiva Rituals

  Meaningful Ritual

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• Private Rabbinic Counseling

• Guided Jewish Meditation

• Rosh Hodesh: Torah Among Women

• Sensory Integration via Jewish Ritual

• Council Circles

• The Sacred Art of Jewish Chanting

Mind-Body-Spirit Counseling

Empowering Learning

• Cantorial Soloist on the Days of Awe

• Recordings for Personal Meditation

• Shabbat zemirot

• Songs to nurture children spiritually

• Grace After Meals compiled melodies 

soulful singing